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"That's not Aimée. Thrash her."
Llyr, upon seeing Aimée Duchemin being possessed by Daedalus Beaulieu

In Sylvain's and Erroll's scenarios, during the events of Les Histoires Duchemin 5, Aimée Duchemin can be encountered as an optional superboss.


Whilst exploring the ruins beyond Tintern Abbey in search of one of the rare cards in the House of Cards, Aimée passes out. Desperate to find a cure, Erroll, Sylvain and the rest set off to find one. In their absence, Aimée is possessed by Daedalus Beaulieu, who seizes the opportunity of taking control of Aimée's idle body. By the time Aimée's friends return with the cure, they discover that Aimée is behaving violently. Whilst the rest of them believe that Aimée needs a talking to, Llyr discovers that it's not Aimée, and the rest of the party proceeds to attack her.


  • Coup de Grâce: This attack triggers after three turns. Aimée grabs the collar (or alternatively, the neck) of a random player character and deals a blow strong enough to consume all the player character's HP, regardless of the accessories or abilities equipped. The attack can be slowed down if the Haste card is equipped, but can only be avoided with the cards Hope for Salvation and Salvation Promised. Aimée will target all three player characters during the course of the battle, but her first move will most definitely be a Coup de Grâce. Prior to the attack being executed, a countdown is shown.
  • Météore: Aimée starts to use this attack when low on HP. As the name suggests, a hail of meteorites is sent down the area. This attack can easily chomp off half the player characters' HP bar. It resembles a watered-down version of Erroll's Meteor spell, but summons blue objects rather than red.
  • Apocalypse: One of the few abilities normally at Aimée's disposition, the possessed Aimée begins using this when she has two bars of HP left.
  • Illuminati A watered-down variant of the Luminary spell cast by Erroll, this one will not work properly since both Aimée and Daedalus lack dragon's blood. The light it summons is faint and appears to make the area darker.
  • Seisme An attack resembling a watered-down version Sylvain's Tremor spell.
  • Czernobyl Resembles a blue-coloured watered-down version of Sylvain's Meltdown and may inflict several status effects at random.


  • The idea for Aimée as a superboss came up when one of the creators, troisnyx*, described herself and the rest of the admins on the Kingdom Hearts Francophone Wiki as "murderers with justifications". Her way of blocking users, or "killing", has been likened to someone who acts on responses: after three warnings to a vandal, she is pictured grabbing the vandal's collar and dealing him a stab to the heart.
  • Despite not having access to her own advanced spells, Aimee will cast four that resemble watered-down variants of those possessed by Sylvain and Erroll. Daedalus Beaulieu is later shown to know these spells himself.