Alix Sauveterre
Kana アリックス•ソ一ブテル
Romaji Arikkusu Sōbuteru
Company Charlie
Ethnicity Sauveterranée
Species Human
Age 18
Height ?
Weight ?
Element Flowers
Hometown Lumine
Role Antagonist
Origin The National Service Journal
"Oh, and once I get my hands on that position, they'd frame poor Duchemin for everything. How pleasant."
—Alix, The National Service Journal

Alix Sauveterre is a minor antagonist in The National Service Journal.

She prides herself in the fact that her surname, Sauveterre, was once used by the nobility of the Kingdom of Southerly, and expects everyone to look up to her even when the nobility of Southerly has become obsolete. She is filled with spite for Aimée Duchemin, who had previously assumed the role of Head Girl in Camp Point-Neuf before Alix was officially elected for the position, and seeks to bring her down in any way possible... without getting her hands dirty. She joins the Disturbed Souls along with Kulukan, Monica and Dolores, hoping to use them for her own ends. However, her twisted plans come to an end when Dolores is captured and taken to the Disciplinary Committee.

During a chat between Aimée and Senior Ashelin, the latter reveals that she knew of Alix's misdeeds all along, and that she just kept silent because she wanted Alix to learn a hard and painful lesson on Awards Day.

Alix only serves as a sort of comic-relief character whose plans always fail, and the real threat to Aimée and the rest of the camp is Dolores herself.