Ariff Naufal
Ariff Naufal
Kana アリフ•ナウファル
Romaji Arifu Naufaru
Company Bravo
Ethnicity Viellon
Species Human
Age 18
Height 5'11"
Weight ???
Element Shadow
Hometown Lumine
Role Ally
Origin The National Service Journal
"SQUAD! Staaaaaaaaaaaand easy!"
—Ariff Naufal, The National Service Journal

Ariff Naufal is Head Boy in Camp Point-Neuf during the events of The National Service Journal, and a recruit in Sauveterre's Air Force. Upon Aimée Duchemin's return to Sauveterre, Naufal helps the party whenever possible.

Despite his height, he is nicknamed "Shrimp" by his friends.

Name OriginEdit

  • "Ariff" derives from arif, a Malay word of Arabic origin which means "learned" or "wise".