Adelaide Justine Grandcappe
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Company Echo
Ethnicity Iriniaise
Species Human
Age 63
Height 5'6"
Weight 109.7 lbs.
Element Time
Hometown Glycemburg

Other residences Glycemburg
Role Ally
Origin The National Service Journal

Dame Adelaide Grandcappe (pronounced like Grand Cape), nee Adelaide St. George, generally referenced as Dame Grandcappe is the vice-minister of foreign affairs for the Kingdom of Wistery and appears as a trainer for Echo Company during the events of the National Service Journal. Although she appears to be an hunched-over old woman, Dame Grandecappe is a master of combatant magic, and generally walks with a bit of a stoop to disguise her still-powerful mastery of magics. The stoop is later revealed to be an illusion when, during Erroll's scenario, she is shown to stand with perfect posture where she is seen hunched by Aimee or Sylvain.

Early LifeEdit

Adelaide Justine St. George was born 16 October in Glycimburg, Wistery, to Louisa and Elwin St. George. She is rumoured to have been involved in the restoration of the Iriniais monarchy, but private investigations into the matter have yielded little, and the present administration has launched no inquiries into the matter. As such, despite being a major public figure, a great deal of her early life remains unknown.

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