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Diadora Beaulieu, Sixteenth Margravine of Belmarch-Westborder, but commonly referenced simply as Lady Belmarch, is a major antagonist appearing throughout Les Histoires Duchemin, though she possesses a rather minor physical role. The mother of Icarus Beaulieu and grandmother of Daedalus Beaulieu, she is the force ultimately responsible for the creation of the Ankoù and for the revolution that created the short-lived Republic of Irinie, which ceded the Margraviate of Further Cressily alongside the provinces of Newbridge and Eventails to the newly-established Republic of Sauveterre, leading to the ethnic tensions that pervade the region up until the reannexation of said provinces into the Kingdom of Ellicy following the collapse of the Sauveterrian government and the restoration of the Kingdom of Southerly.

Excommunicated from the Iriniais Church for the practice of Insolent Magic, Diadora's original plan was to seize the crown of Irinie by force. To this end, she called forth a horrible creature, the Zeitgeist Czernobog, and, with hosts of his minions, the Mortmains, under her command, took Bloomingward by force and expelled the current queen, Cecily III of Irinie, who then fled to the Kingdom of Ellicy, which declared its independence, instigating a bloody civil war. The regime she created, however, she called the Republic of Irinie, and ruled as its president for a number of years under the aegis of helping the people. Her rule was widely-unpopular, and Irinie entered a slow decline because of her mismanagement of the country's affairs.

Diadora and the republic were later dethroned by the returning Cecily de Wardes, who destroyed Czernobog and banished the entire house of Beaulieu for its crimes. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.