Dyane Lalique
Kana ティャン•ラリック
Romaji Dyan Rarikku
Company Bravo
Ethnicity Sauveterranée
Species Human
Age 18
Height 140cm
Weight 39kg
Element Fire
Hometown Lumine
Role Player Character
Origin The National Service Journal
"Look, we can't just SIT THERE and do nothing! They may be physically strong but they're thorns in our flesh!"
—Dyane Lalique, The National Service Journal

Dyane Lalique is the commander of Bravo Company replacing Aimée Duchemin during the events of The National Service Journal.


After her unofficial promotion to the position of Head Girl, Aimée elected Dyane to take her place as commander of Bravo Company, as she saw Dyane as a reliable, no-nonsense person despite her small stature. However, to Dyane's shock and to Aimée's disappointment, Aimée was stripped off her title and responsibilities with the election of Alix Sauveterre as Head Girl on the twentieth day.

In the middle of the stint, when the haze broke out and several trainees fell ill, Dyane was placed under quarantine, but frequently gave out orders through Aimée to her company mates.

Dyane soon discovered that Aimée and several other trainees were being victimised by Dolores Lestrange and her bunch of Disturbed Souls. On her orders, the entire Bravo Company (save for Dolores) assembled in the quarters. It was there that Dyane decided that something should be done, even if all of them seemed powerless against Dolores and her friends.