The Forces Volontaires (pronounced force vo-lawn-tair), anglicised as the Voluntary Forces or more simply, the Volunteers, are volunteers serving in the army of Sauveterre.


Unlike full-time army personnel, participants in the Forces Volontaires choose to either work full- or part-time, and come from all walks of life. Participants are given an hourly allowance, and all the training that they have to endure is similar to that of full-time army personnel.

The minimum age requirement for entry into the Force Volontaires is 18.


The National Service JournalEdit

One of the trainers in Camp Point-Neuf, Senior Ashelin, is quoted by Major Zulkahar as being a member of the Forces Volontaires. She immediately gains Aimée's affection, as well as the affection of the trainees under her care.

Sybil Françaix makes mention of the Forces Volontaires on Day 46, in the afternoon when physical activities are cancelled.

Les Histoires Duchemin 7Edit

Several Forces Volontaires squadrons are dispatched throughout Sauveterre, with extra caution taken in the regions towards the north - Point-Neuf, Eventails, Haute-Cressille, Midi-Cressille, and Bas-Cressille, which are later occupied by the Imperial Armed Forces of Irinie. Many participants are killed, raising the furore of the commoners, who had sent their loved ones to defend their respective provinces. Peace is restored after a formal Iriniais annexation of those provinces following the brief occupation.

Towards the end of Les Histoires Duchemin 7, Aimée Duchemin and her friends are greeted by their National Service friends, several participants of the Forces Volontaires, as well as Majors Zulkahar and Evayne and Sergeant Stan Lee upon their return to Lumine.