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Gwenn ha Du
Kana グエン•ハ•テュー
Romaji Guen ha Dyuu
Ethnicity Sauveterrané
Species Summons
Age ?
Height ?
Weight ?
Element Neutral
Hometown ?
Role Summons
Origin Les Histoires Duchemin 3

Gwenn ha Du (Breton for "white and black"), also known as The Twins, are recurring summons in Les Histoires Duchemin. Aimée Duchemin first acquires them on her return to Sauveterre.

The Twins are among the closest to Aimée's heart and sentiments, and thus regularly come to her aid in scenes. This is referenced on the cover of Gwenn ha du: Les Histoires Duchemin 3 Original Soundtrack.


The words gwenn and du by themselves mean white and black. If the words are hyphenated, then Gwenn-ha-Du would be taken as the name for the Flag of Brittany. The Twins' outfits do reflect this: Gwenn's shirt is white while Du's shirt is black, and both have ermines on the right side of their shirts.