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The House of Cards is an item of great importance appearing in Les Histoires Duchemin 5. An immense old, musty, leather-bound book which only members of the Iriniais royal family may open which is kept in a private library owned by Queen Cecily herself. The queen first shows the House of Cards to Aimée Duchemin when asked to tell more of the past relations of Irinie and Sauveterre as well as a bit about her own origins. When she opens it, however, nearly all of the cards--enchanted papers containing detailed records and images of passed events--have vanished from the book, and so she fears that a forgotten faction of her own line may once again be at work...


Les Histoires Duchemin 5Edit

The House of Cards is first seen sitting upon a bookshelf in the study of the queen, though it is carried about by Erroll for the duration of the fifth of Duchemin's tales. There are a total of three-hundred and fifty events detailed upon the cards, which may actually each be several pages thick and bear little physical resemblance to playing cards. They are so named in reference to the fragile nature of a house of cards, which represents the equally-fragile integrity of historical records of a nation, the truth of which must be preserved at all costs.

The cards are heavily connected to the Esprits de Sauveterre as well as the welfare the nations once associated with Irinie, as their histories are intertwined. The loss of these cards could spell disaster for all of Tellus, as shown during the events of Les Histoires Duchemin 5.

At the end of the tale, the cards are all returned to the book, and certain members of the Iriniais Royal Family are dissenobled for their crimes, preventing any of their lines from ever opening the House of Cards again.