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Flag of Irinie

The flag of Irinie.

Irinie, known officially as the Imperial Fediration of Irinie, is the largest of the sovereign states of Tellus. The name "Imperial Federation" is something of a misnomer, as Irinie is, in fact, a unitary state composed of four old kingdoms -- the Kingdom of Blomrency, which forms its heartland; the Kingdom of Wistery, which was once larger but, due to several natural catastrophes, has been reduced to the southern littoral regions and several large islands; the Kingdom of Ellicy, which is the second-largest and forms most of the country's western territories; and the Kingdom of Perremy, which lies to the northwest, and is a centre of industry and manufacturing. Irinie is home to the bulk of the Lyger, Tyger, and Wulf Cauchemer population, and roughly half the Lyon population as well. The Cougyr, Mynkey, and Beyr Cauchemer are, however, rarely seen on Iriniais soil, being native to the Western Hemisphere rather than the Eastern.

The flag of Irinie is commonly known as the Queen's Cross (or King's Cross, depending upon which the reigning monarch happens to be at the time).

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