Les Histoires Duchemin 7 is the final episode in the entire Les Histoires Duchemin series.

The episode takes place Aimée Duchemin and company return to Sauveterre at the time of a severe civil uprising throughout the nation. The tagline for the episode is Sauveterre is in need of a saviour (French : Sauveterre a besoin d'une sauveuse), the "saviour" in this case referring to Aimée.


Aimée and friends return to a war-torn Sauveterre. They first arrive at Point-Neuf, only to see Sybil's and Térence's home village razed down to the ground. They realise that they cannot participate in the war all by themselves, and so they make the decision to pay a visit to Lumine, the capital, to find out what is going on. They meet Ariff Naufal, who is seen preparing engines and ammunition in the Air Force airbase. Ariff tells them that because of the statements of a few irresponsible people, Sauveterre has been split into factions: Point-Neuf Ngelaban, a separatist group seeking for Point-Neuf to be recognised as an independent, sovereign entity, the Gendarmerie Lumineuse, a faction based in Lumine seeking to protect Lumine from separatist groups, and last but not least, the Southerly Crusaders, a faction in the southern tip of Sauveterre seeking to liberate the southern states. Aimée and friends are bewildered to hear all this, and they enlist Ariff’s help to calm the rising tension in the provinces.

Aimée soon discovers that some of her close friends from National Service have joined either of the three factions, and attempts to contact them. Yet, in the midst of the war, the communication lines are jammed and cannot be used. They begin their painful journey from province to province, seeking out their friends with the hopes of confronting them over their stances. During the journey from Enerelle to Bas-Cressille, Ariff is severely wounded and, in a decisive measure, is withdrawn from the party.