Monica Jean Menti
Kana モニカ•ジ一ン•メンティ
Romaji Monika Jīn Menti
Company Delta
Ethnicity Sauveterranée
Species Human
Age 18
Height ?
Weight ?
Element Earth
Hometown Bas-Cressille
Role Ally
Origin The National Service Journal

Monica Menti is one of Aimée Duchemin's friends during the events of The National Service Journal, though she is not as close as Sybil is to Aimée. She has notably masculine tendencies, particularly her way of sitting in a crowd, her manner of speech and her way of dressing.


The National Service JournalEdit

Monica was first seen on the first day, where she and Kulukan helped Aimée lift her heavy bags to the dormitory. She and Kulukan were seen to be inseparable, as both of them shared the same habits and came from the same area.

Some time later, after persuasion from Kulukan, Monica joined the Disturbed Souls along with Dolores Lestrange and Alix Sauveterre on the pretext of simply joining her friends in their usual group. However, she soon discovered that they were all up to no good. Unlike the other members of the Disturbed Souls, Monica took the victims aside and helped them, constantly begging for forgiveness for Kulukan's actions.

However, when Dolores, Alix and Kulukan stole Aimée's provisions and money and left her with nothing, Monica entered the Bravo Company quarters herself and informed commander Dyane Lalique about the people who stole the money, and what they used it on. She even went so far as to tell the owner of the provision shop to keep Aimée's banknotes so that they might be retrieved. A week after Aimée's money was stolen, Monica broke the silence against her friends, causing a rift between herself and Kulukan — but she did it with the victims' interest at heart.

Monica was a performer during Patriots' Night, and the night after, she was voted Best Performer by her peers for her outstanding performance (even if she was off key...). Monica said that this was only one of the ways in which she could clear her name.

Senior Ashelin, in a dialogue with Aimée, told her that she saw Monica as "a tomboy with a heart of gold".