Eugenie Alexandrine Claudette Bellamy is the President of the Republic of Sauveterre during the course of The National Service Journal. A callous, scheming woman, President Bellamy is shown to be a longtime rival of Queen Cecily of Irinie who hopes to increase the wealth and influence of her own country at the expense of all others.

She is portrayed in a largely possitive light during The National Service Journal due to a trick of camera focus which makes it appear as though she is asking for intervention on the part of Irinie, when, in reality, the queen of Irinie is asking the president to protect her own people.

The voice actors of the president and queen were chosen to reflect their respective personalities, each having previously portrayed a noteworthy Disney character. Eugenie Bellamy is portrayed with the same voice as Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty, whilst Cecily de Wardes shares her voice with Mary Poppins.