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Resiary, pronounced like ruh-ZEE-uh-rih, is an Advanced Spell learnt by Erroll de Wardes in each playable appearance. Unlike the other advanced spells he is capable of learning, Erroll will canonically learn Resiary in each appearance, but upon having completed whatever objective is at hand, will seal it away.

A truly dangerous spell, Resiary is capable of draining life and stored magic from a target into the caster by the use of golden threads, which usually appear with small golden petals floating about. It is elementally-identical to the Magic of Life and the Magic of Flowers, and therefore there is no elemental resistance against it. When the three player characters of The National Service Journal are reunited in Port Cherrytown at the beginning of The Black Journal, it is revealed that Resiary is passed down through Erroll's maternal line, and that it was created to allow dragons return the pain inflicted upon them by the humans whose lives they strove to improve sometime after the first encounter, but was sealed away because of its potential evil uses. The spell itself is not evil, however, and can, in theory, be used to sacrifice a bit of one's own life to heal something else, though this has never been necessary due to Standard healing magic.

Perhaps in spite of its destructive power, Resiary has an animation designed to be aesthetically quite pleasing. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.