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Sybil Françaix
Sybil Armour
Kana シビル•フランセ一
Romaji Shibiru Furansē
Company Bravo
Ethnicity Sauveterranée
Species Human
Age 18
Height ???
Weight ???
Element Gravity
Hometown Point-Neuf

Other residences Bloomingwood (The Black Journal)
Cressington (after LHD7)
Role Ally
Origin The National Service Journal

Sybil Françaix is one of Aimée Duchemin's best friends. Though not very well-educated, her wisdom is not to be underestimated. She serves as Aimée's counsellor and protector throughout Les Histoires Duchemin, and learns a great deal of skills from Aimée herself.

Theme: Françaix

Journal EntriesEdit

The National Service JournalEdit

Strength: ★★★★★
Defence: ★★
Speed: ★★
Intelligence: ★★★★
Empathy: ★★★★
Compliance: ★★★★★★
Leadership: ★★

First EntryEdit

Sybil's easily the best person I can find in this company. She doesn't give me sympathy, but rather, she gives me strength. I don't know how it is that we got an affinity for each other, but she seems to be rather interested in the things I do. And I'm interested in the things she does.

Second EntryEdit

The Black JournalEdit

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  • Sybil was originally planned to be a Lightning-elemental character, but this was scrapped.