Tatienne Marie Delacroix
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Company Delta
Ethnicity Sauveterranée
Species Human
Age 18
Height ???
Weight ???
Element Lightning
Hometown Point-Neuf
Role Ally
Origin The National Service Journal
"Aimée, please do this for me. Beat your drum as loudly as you can this Patriots' Night."
—Tatienne Delacroix on the night before her death, The National Service Journal

Tatienne Delacroix is a character with a central role in The National Service Journal. Her physical role is, however, short-lived, as her life ends during National Service.


Aimée Duchemin first got to know Tatienne after the candidates for the respective company commanders were picked by the trainers on the fourth day. Aimée and Tatienne both made it to the list. However, when they soon heard news that the other candidates were lax in their duties, they both decided to do something about it. Aimée and Tatienne became fast friends. However, Tatienne took care not to tell anyone about who she was, or what her life was like.

At one unknown point during her National Service stint, Tatienne had revealed to Senior Ashelin several details about her past: she worked in the Sauveterre Police Force after she graduated from high school prior to coming to camp, and during the course of her work, she was raped by a person whom she had helped, after she had found him sprawled on the streets. She is stigmatised by her peers, but Aimée tells her of her belief that Tatienne is still pure, regardless of the events that have transpired. Tatienne joins Leah, Sybil, Térence and Juliette in The Open Space, or even outside the dining hall to watch the sunset, ever since that day.

Lugaid de Wardes seemed especially fond of her, and the two met and shared their thoughts and fears during Character Building class. Only her friends, as well as Lugaid's cousin, Senior Erroll knew of this. It is later revealed that Lugaid had offered to erase her memory of the incident after he learnt of her tragic past, but never received an answer.

Tatienne soon realised that the pressure of being a company commander was mounting on her, and that she did not want her thoughts to be exposed to the public. When Aimée was stripped off her title and functions, Tatienne immediately resigned from her post, putting in Aziliz as commander in her place.

Following her death, Lughaidh asks Erroll to mend the wound that killed her. If certain conditions have been fulfilled, the spell will miraculously restore her life and Lughaidh will propose to her. If not, the spell will do as Lughaidh asked and nothing else, and he will have her interred in an Iriniais cemetary outside Bloomingward after Erroll uses a spell to freeze her in time so she will look well enough for a proper funeral.