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The term Zeitgeist is often used to refer to the "spirit of an age". When appearing in Les Histoires Duchemin, the Zeitgeist are sentient beings that embody the ages during which they are summoned, and are often named for figures from ancient mythology.

Three known Zeitgeists have appeared in the series, two evil -- Czernobog and Bjelobog -- and one good -- the Erlkonig.

The ghastly Ankoù was the result of a failed attempt at resurrecting Czernobog through the use of cursed dragon's blood filled with sorrow and rage, and which nearly resulted in the premature birth of Bjelobog.

Traditionally, the lords of Belmarch were tasked with making certain that the spirit of the age would be one of good and not of evil, but the line slowly became warped and sought to use the power of the age souls for personal gain. Icarus Beaulieu, the fifteenth Lord Belmarch, and his mother Diadora created the revolution that established the short-lived Republic of Irinie by the power of Czernobog, but were ultimately defeated by Cecily de Wardes. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.